About Us

Medisolution Specialises in Disaster Reconstruction Projects around the World

Medisolution is a strategic business unit of the United BMEC Group specialising in disaster Reconstruction Projects worldwide.

The Medisolution team is made up of professionals who blend industry knowledge, extensive networks and practical experience to produce effective solutions. With years of experience working with both governmental and non-governmental organisations in disaster sites worldwide, Medisolution is thoroughly equipped with the knowledge and experience in disaster reconstruction that restore lives back to normalcy.

We implemented our first project in Aceh in 2005- the supply, installation, maintenance and operation of a seawater desalination plant after the devastation caused by the Indian Ocean tsunami. Over the years and with the strong support from our customers, we are able to embark on more reconstruction projects that benefit mankind around the globe.

In line with our vision, mission and values, we ensure that our clients receive the best quality in deliverables and services. Most importantly, we work within our clients’ financial and physical restrictions to achieve optimal results.